Roger Scott's abilities to entertain others with intent to convince them toward a particular idea, viewpoint, direction, objective, or product has been utilized by corporations and organizations for over 30 years.
Roger began his professional production career in New York City in 1974. Technology and art came naturally and the unusual combination of skills led him originally into the field of cartoon animation.
Roger has worked on hundreds of national TV commercials, and has produced hundreds more regional and local commercials, invented toys for major toy companies, produced educational materials and in 2002 created an Interpretive Center for a native American tribe. His personal skill set includes animation and special effects production for TV, interactive media, and the web. Computer graphics and archival printing, sculpture, mold making and casting, photography, videography, illustration, painting and design, computer programming, set design, musical composition, songwriting, script writing and directing.
Creative services have been provided to IBM, CBS, NBC, ABC, Colgate Palmolive, Emmenthaler Cheese, NJ Devils, Sears, RCA, Galoob, Fisher Price, Mattel, Olympus, Prentice Hall, FAO Schwarz, and Huffy Bicycles among others. He and his associates continue to produce creative works of the highest quality.